Fultan Ferry
Fultan Ferry

The Fultan Ferry is a paddle-driven ferry boat used for freighting vehicles and goods across the harbour. It's main apperance was in Quarantine, when it was temporarily sunk in the middle of the port after hitting a fire barge towed by OJ. It was later salvaged by Mighty Moe. It made two more cameos in Jinxed and Regatta.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Since Tugs ceased production, the Fultan Ferry has had many cameos in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends , if you look closely, in episodes that feature ports and other sea related sets, you can be sure the Fultan Ferry will be around somewhere and has a Fultan Ferry Sign on it.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Scott McNeil (Salty's Lighthouse)

Appearances Edit

Sunshine/episode (cameo

Jinxed (cameo)

Quarantine (does not speak)

High Winds (cameo)

Regatta (cameo)