• Class: Modified DRG-Baureihe 80
  • Configuration: 0-6-0

Puffa is a steam locomotive who works on the dockside railway at Bigg City Port. Used for a variety of tasks within the port and at the docks up river, he is a trusted friend of the Star Fleet and Warrior in particular. He has two named appearances in Up River and Munitions, and an unnamed cameo in High Tide. Other trains seen around Bigg City Port have the same whistle-sound and feature similar styling as Puffa. In Munitions, the character was warned by Ten Cents, OJ, Zorran, Zak and Zebedee to escape from a dockside fire.

Behind the Scenes Edit

After TUGS was canceled, the model was cut up and its parts were distributed around many of the Thomas sets and used as scrap metal it's notable appearance in Thomas was in Edward Trevor and the Really Useful Party as his boiler is seen.

Voice Actors Edit

  • John Baddeley (TUGS)
  • Paul Dobson (Salty's Lighthouse)