Sea Rouge
Sea Rogue

Sea Rogue is also known as "The Pirate". In darker times he stole barges for two mysterious green eyed tugs, who had captured Sea Rogue's Uncle, and threatened to scuttle him unless Sea Rogue stole more barges for them. The Green-Eyed Pirates were later caught out by Ten Cents, Sunshine, Grampus, and Sea Rogue himself, who devised a plan to capture the two fiends. Sea Rogue had been previously mistaken as the pirate himself, hence his nickname and he later forgave the Star Tugs for ever thinking that about him. He then returned to a peaceful life with his uncle. He was voiced by Sean Barrett.

Sea Rogue's appearance was intimidating, especially his eye patch, a typical pirate trademark. He was a completely black tug in colour, and didn't seem to work for any particular fleet, although the "Mi" symbol on his stack suggests that he worked for the munitions company, as the same symbol is seen on the factory and warehouse doors.

Behind the ScenesEdit

His model was later repainted and modified to be used for Bluenose.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Sean Barrett (TUGS)
  • Paul Dobson (Salty's Lighthouse)